A Lesson Plan for Murder


This is author Richard Baldwin’s first mystery novel. Detectives Lou Searing and Maggie McMillan are asked to assist the police in Newberry, Michigan when a school board member, Thomas Franklin dies of an apparent heart attack. A neighbor sees someone enter Franklin’s home prior to his wife discovering the body, and raises questions of his true cause of death. On a hunch, the two detectives look into the past employment of Bill Blakely, the special education teacher who was laid off prior to Franklin’s death. What they find is a string of deaths which follow Bill being given a layoff notice. Their investigation takes them to Michigan cities: Battle Creek, Mt. Pleasant, Mason, Stockbridge, Newberry, and Rudyard. Were these people murdered or were the death coincidental? Was Bill Blakely seeking revenge? Perhaps someone in his family is involved, or maybe someone outside of education is the killer?

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